Pubg Mobile 1.4 Update Download Without VPN (Global)

Pubg Mobile 1.4 Update Download Without VPN Friends Welcome to our website. Today I am going to tell you all how you can download the new update of PUBG Mobile. As you know, Pubg Mobile which is us keeps bringing its new updates from time to time.

 Recently, it has released its new update Pubg Mobile 1.4 Update Download, so today I am going to give a direct download link of this game to all of you, on which you can easily download this game just by clicking once. .

And the best part is that you will not need any kind of VPN to install and play this game. You can play this game easily without any VPN and we told you this thing with live proof on our YouTube channel.

Pubg Mobile 1.4 Update Download Without VPN

So let’s know now Pubg Mobile 1.4 Update Download? So below, I have given you the direct download link, by clicking on it you can download this mobile application. First of all you guys have to download Pubg Mobile 1.4 Update. After this you have to install this game on your mobile.

 But before that you have to delete the mobile application with Pubg Mobile 1.3 Update, only after that you have to install Pubg Mobile 1.4 Update in your phone.

 After doing this, all of you have to open your game, after opening it, you will have to use VPN for the first time. So first you have to turn on the VPN of any country and after that you have to login your ID.

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 As soon as you log in your ID, after that you can turn off VPN again because after that you will be able to access the game without PM.

 In this way, all of you can enjoy this by downloading and updating Pubg Mobile 1.4 Update.

Download Pubg Mobile 1.4 Update

I have given you all the download links of Google Telegram channel Pubg Mobile 1.4 Update Download of Google Drive, you can easily download it by clicking on it. If you face any problem in downloading, then you can tell us through the comment below.

Download Now

So in this way download Pubg Mobile 1.4 Update you can, but if you have any problem, then definitely tell in the comment.


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